Dragon's Dogma Players Wage War With Each Other Over Microtransactions

Dragon's Dogma 2, according to reviews, is one of the best games so far this year. In fact, according to Metacritic, it is specifically the ninth best release so far this year thanks to its 86 on the website. General consumers seem to be less impressed with the new Capcom RPG though, as evident by its "Mixed" user review scores on both Metacritic and Steam. That said, the negative reviews for the game weighing it down have nothing to do with its quality. They have to do with the game's microtransactions and various DLC packs, as well as its performance issues on PC.

On Steam, there are already 21 bits of DLC, some of which is for content you don't usually see attached to DLC, like Rift Crystals, which are just a mechanic that help move around a vast open-world that limits fast travel. While gamers have tolerance for microtransactions in free-to-play or multiplayer games, it is always a contentious topic in single-player games, especially when it is simply not limited to cosmetic items. No exception has been made for this long-awaited sequel.

In Dragon's Dogma 2 specifically, the biggest talking point within the talking point of microtransactions are the Rift Crystals, which allow you to move around the map in a fast travel-esq fashion. You can also pay real money to change your character's appearance, which can be done in game, but again is limited and locked behind in-game currency.

When isolated, the various microtransactions aren't egregious at all. However, many players seem upset that not only are they in a single-player game, but are upset by the sheer number of them. To this end, the last few days, the game's release has changed the peaceful Dragon's Dogma Reddit page into a warzone. Almost all of the posts right now are either criticizing the microtransactions or defending the game from this criticism. And it has been getting pretty heated.

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always will be a rift, especially what certain players get out of it


Yeah some hate them and some love them. Hey you DONT have to buy anything just saying