Latest PSVR 2 System Update Enables PC Access

The latest PSVR 2 system update has apparently enabled PC access, eliminating the need to use workarounds to get the device to work. This was noted by a VR tech expert and a VR accessory maker, both of whom have deduced that Sony is planning to allow direct PSVR 2 to PC connection in the future.

Connecting PSVR 2 to PC still requires an adapter
Sony announced in late February that it was “testing” the ability to add PC access to its VR headset, allowing the device’s owners to play PC VR games and expand their libraries. Since this feature is still in testing phase, we’re unsure how it’ll all pan out in the end. However, VR accessory maker iVRy noted on Twitter that an adapter of some kind will still be needed to connect PSVR 2 to PC.

“The PSVR2 needs a USB-C port that provides 12V power and alt DisplayPort,” iVRy explained. “The only PC ports that can do that are VirtualLink (which has been discontinued). Hence anyone without one of those ports on their desktop GPU will need some kind of adapter. There is no way around this.”

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this will be great to use on the PC fr


Runts Sony really has been focusing on crappy VR to much lmao

you focus on posting hundreds of sub par comments on every news article, almost always with a ridiculous/hot take. You almost always show you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and are spamming for badges.

Glad to see they did this, picked up a quest 3 instead a few weeks ago due to the lack of pc support for the headset. Kicking myself in the butt now since this is a superior piece of hardware.


Sony really has been focusing on crappy VR to much lmao