Capcom was Metacritic’s highest-rated publisher in 2023

Review aggregation website Metacritic has revealed the results of its 14th annual Game Publisher Rankings.

Capcom tops the list, which was determined based on the quality of publishers’ releases in 2023.

The Japanese company released a number of critically acclaimed games last year including its Resident Evil 4 remake, Street Fighter 6 and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

Capcom topped the rankings ahead of Raw Fury (Cassette Beasts) and Chorus Worldwide (A Space for the Unbound).

Last year’s winner Sony was ranked at No.13, two places ahead of 2021’s top-rated publisher Microsoft. Fellow platform holder Nintendo came in at No.6.

Publishers were ranked using a points system, calculated (as in previous years) according to four factors.

Most weight was given to the average Metascore for their games, but also taken into account were the percentage of scored titles with good reviews (score of at least 75), the percentage of scored products with bad reviews (49 or lower), and the number of “great” games released (90 or higher).

Only publishers with five or more distinct titles released in 2023 were eligible to be included in the rankings, which don’t take into account mobile games.

The top 10 publishers are listed below, along with their average Metascore and previous year’s ranking.

1) Capcom – 84.5 (last year: 6th)
2) Raw Fury – 79.1 (last year: 16th)
3) Chorus Worldwide – 77.6 (last year: n/a)
4) Dangen Entertainment – 77.6 (last year: n/a)
5) Annapurna Interactive – 80.2 (last year: 8th)
6) Nintendo – 79.5 (last year: 12th)
7) Aksys Games – 78.5 (last year: 13th)
8) Bethesda Softworks – 80 (last year: n/a)
9) Sega – 78.8 (last year: 7th)
10) Thunderful – 79.1 (last year: 25th)

Metacritic recently revealed the 10 worst games of 2023, according to weighted average review scores from its approved critics,.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum topped the list, which also included Crime Boss: Rockay City and Flashback 2.

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just goes to show how popular they are

I thought nintendo and sega would've been in the top 5


Good for them. Not a fan of cap com though.