Rollerdrome Crosses 1 Million Players

Roll7’s Rollerdrome, a pro skating title with third-person shooting elements, has crossed one million players. It’s an important milestone for the title, which launched in August 2022 for PS5 and PC and later released for Xbox Series X/S.

Set in a dystopian future, Rollerdrome is the name of a sport where participants compete to kill each other in roller-skating arenas. As Kara Hassan, a rebel working her way through the games, players must take on all challenges, from other humans to walking battle tanks. Kara starts with dual handguns but can wield a shotgun and a grenade launcher.

Eliminating enemies generates health while ammo is refilled by performing tricks, with slow-mo also available to help with aiming. By completing various challenges in levels, players move through progressively more difficult stages of the competition.

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very impressive. I assumed there wasn't going to be a massive turnout for this tbr


One million players on a game like this is pretty good for them still