Xbox Rolls Out Updated Rewards Program

Xbox has announced changes to the company's Rewards program, with the goal of making it easier to find your points balance and set goals. For this purpose, the company has rolled out a new Rewards hub, which can be found on the user's profile page. There, users can find daily, weekly, and monthly goals, which can be redeemed towards the overall point total. At a quick glance, it doesn't seem that the rewards themselves have been changed, but rather, Xbox is trying to make the overall system more user friendly across console, PC, and through the Xbox app.

"We have reimagined and simplified the Rewards experience on Xbox for all players, centering it around playing games and activities we all love. The Rewards hub is now easy to find and integrated on your Xbox console, Xbox app for mobile, and the Xbox app for Windows PC, directly on your profile page. You now can see all your available Quests on the Rewards hub, on any device," the company's official website reads.

It remains to be seen whether these improvements will actually lead to a better experience, but it does seem a bit more streamlined than before. As someone that rarely paid attention to the Rewards program, the new hub does seem easier to find, and more user friendly. Xbox is constantly looking at ways to improve the overall user experience, and while these little changes don't always seem like a big deal, they can add up, and make it more enjoyable to use Xbox as a platform. It should be noted that these changes should not have any impact on your current points; nothing is getting reset as a result.

What Kind of Rewards Can You Get From Xbox?
Xbox Rewards can be redeemed for some pretty nice gifts, including digital gift cards, in-game currencies, and even subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass. Unsurprisingly, Game Pass subscriptions cost a lot of points, with a one month Game Pass Core membership costing 9,500 points, and a one month subscription to Game Pass Ultimate being 14,000 points. Lower cost rewards include a $3 Xbox Gift Card (3,000 points), 200 Coins for Overwatch (1,800 points), and 200 Robux for Roblox (3,000 points).

How do Players Earn Xbox Points?
There are several very easy ways to earn points towards Xbox Rewards. Daily quests include quests like "play any Game Pass game" or "earn an achievement in Game Pass." Points for those goals are on the smaller side, but they can easily rack up over time. Weekly and monthly quests offer more substantial points, but can take longer to complete. For example, one of the current monthly quests tasks players with playing four different Game Pass games, which is worth 25 points. Another monthly quest tasks users with completing 36 daily and 8 weekly quests, which can get users an extra 1,000 points.

There are also platform specific rewards to be found. For example, using the Xbox mobile app can get players 5 points per day, while completing one Jewel level in the app can get them 30 points. Just playing a game on PC can also get the user 50 points.

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it certainly takes forever to get the xbox rewards fr

hope this updated rewards program makes it a little faster for us to gain ffs


Yeah it hasn't been that great ever