Apple's foldable iPhone might debut as soon as in 2026

While Apple is busy making significant strides toward enhancing its devices' AI capabilities, it seems it hasn't entirely turned its back on the foldable phone trend that gained momentum a few years ago. Despite the Apple Car's unfortunate fate, the foldable phone concept is still very much a part of Apple's upcoming roadmap. As per the latest rumors, Apple's foldable iPhone could potentially launch by 2026.

The leak comes from X (formerly Twitter) account '@Tech_Reve' that posted about Apple's upcoming product roadmap.

Speculations about Apple’s foldable iPhone suggest that it is evaluating its practicality with 6 and 8-inch prototypes. While rival companies have already entered the foldable smartphone market, Apple is known for studying the market with a cautious approach first while refining the technology to meet its high standards before releasing a new product category.

According to another report, the Cupertino company might be working on developing thinner OLED panels for its foldable phone, potentially foregoing the traditional polarizers to achieve a more visually impactful and flexible display. This could help mitigate the visibility issues that are present in current foldable screens. Apple is known for having features that stand out from its rivals and this could potentially give its device an edge in an already established market.

The leak also indicates the highly anticipated OLED iPad to be coming up this year, in addition to features such as 8GB DRAM and periscope zoom for the iPhone 16 Pro variants. The roadmap also shows that Apple is working on the iPhone SE 4 for a launch in 2025 as well as notable camera improvements for the then-latest iPhone generation. An OLED MacBook would also be pretty exciting to be coming up in the year 2026 along with next-gen AR glasses in 2027.

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I personally think apple charge too much for their phones (and accessories)


No reason to rush to get the "new" phone every single year they barely upgrade anything on it lol