Rise of the Ronin Video Outlines Shift to Multiple Directors

Team Ninja has released a new behind-the-scenes video for Rise of the Ronin, potentially the last before the game’s release this week. It sees Team Ninja president and director Fumihiko Yasuda discussing how many of the details envisioned seven years ago have made it into the final product.

Yasuda has been the sole director on Team Ninja’s titles for years, best known for Nioh 1 and 2. However, due to the sheer volume of development in Rise of the Ronin, it became difficult for him to follow up and check everything. Thus, the team assigned multiple directors, who communicated through regular meetings.

The working relationship ironically mirrors the Bonds of trust that players can build with characters in-game (which can lead to multiple endings). Rise of the Ronin is the largest project Team Ninja ever worked on, and Yasuda feels the team is capable of greater titles and challenges in the future.

Rise of the Ronin launches on March 22nd for PS5.

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would love to see a tv series of this game

it certainly would be interesting fr


They could really make a sick show or anime of this !