Sony Investigating PS5 Pro Specs Leak, May Have Consequences for Devs

Sony Interactive Entertainment has already launched an investigation into yesterday’s PS5 Pro Specs leak, according to insider Tom Henderson. Henderson was the first to confirm that the leaked specs were real, and stemmed from a technical document that Sony had shared with third-party developers.

PS5 Pro specs leak may prompt Sony to be cautious about third-party rollouts
According to Henderson, the leak happened as Sony was rolling out dev kits to third-party developers. He speculated that the company conducts the rollout in phases, which presumably means major third-party partners and devs are prioritized first followed by midsized and small companies. The assumption is that it’s the latter phase where the leak stemmed from.

In a separate tweet, Henderson suggested that Sony may not be able to plug such leaks entirely or pinpoint an individual person or company, but it can narrow things down to a group of potential culprits. “They [Sony] rollout these things periodically and can probably rule it down to X dates and anyone during that period will no longer get updates,” Henderson opined.

Sony has reportedly been rolling out PS5 Pro dev kits since late last year, and insiders said that the company did expect a few leaks here and there. However, yesterday’s leak revealed the entire specs, which prompted the investigation.

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such a shame it happened, but leaks always do fr


The pro shouldn't even be all that better than the standard ps5


They say it will be 3 times faster than the regular PS5 that's gonna be crazy a console being that strong!