Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves Launches in Early 2025

SNK has released some new trailers for Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves, its sequel to the 1999 cult-classic fighter Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves. It’s out in early 2025 and features the new Rev system. Check it out below in the latest gameplay.

Though it didn’t provide details on the new system, the trailer breaks it down into four parts – Rev Guard, Rev Blow, Rev Arts and Rev Accel. Rev Arts appear to be more potent versions of existing attacks, like Rock Howard’s Reppuken. Rev Accel seemingly allows for cancelling out of attacks, as seen when Terry goes from a Burn Knuckle to a Crack Shoot.

Hopefully, SNK will provide more details in the coming months. Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves doesn’t have any platforms, but it should launch for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC at the very least.

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does look decent enough

will find out more about it when a gameplay trailer comes out


We been getting a lot of these looking games