Valve launches Steam Families game sharing feature in beta

Valve has announced Steam Families, a new way to share games, monitor children’s activities and streamline purchases on Steam.

Available now in beta, it will replace both Steam Family Sharing and Steam Family View.

Players can create a Steam Family group for up to six members, which can be managed from the Steam client, a mobile device or web browser.

Family members can play each other’s sharable games, although they won’t be able to play the same title simultaneously unless they own multiple copies.

Each player is able to create their own saved games, earn their own Steam achievements, and access workshop files, among other features.

Steam Families also introduces new parental controls that let adults in the group set limits on what and when children can play games.

Parents can monitor what children are playing, and choose to restrict access to various shopping and social features too.

There’s also a new payment option where a child account can request an in-family adult to purchase their shopping cart, which can be done by an adult using their mobile device or email.

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hope the beta works out well for them


This is cool and at least it's just in beta.