Steam Crosses 36 Million Concurrent Users

Over the course of the first couple of months of 2024, Steam has seen several boosts in activity, which have seen the platforming hitting record-high peaks of concurrent users multiple times in the space of a few weeks. Recently, it hit another milestone on that front.

As per SteamDB, Steam recently had 36,354,393 users logged on concurrently, which is the highest concurrent user count the digital platform has seen to date. At the time, 11,576,186 players were in-game, while others were using the platform outside of a game.

Earlier this year, Steam hit an all-time record-high peak concurrent user count of over 33.6 million users, before going on to break that record not long afterward with a peak of over 34.6 million concurrent users.

Interestingly, it was recently revealed that the Steam Deck’s library has grown to over 14,000 playable games, with Baldur’s Gate 3 topping the charts for the device’s top 100 most played games in the last year.

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such a great amount to have all at once


Awesome I love steam. Didn't even know about it when I first got my Pc lol