PS5 Pro Will Feature Detachable Disc Drive and 1 TB Space – Rumor

Along with reporting that the PS5 Pro would have a 28 percent higher system memory than the base model, Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson also noted that it would have a detachable disc drive and 1 TB space. This reportedly ensures it remains “competitive” with the latest PS5 model, whose Blu-ray disc drive is detachable.

The PS5 Pro is allegedly at SDK 9.00, with devkits at first-party studios since September 2023. SDK 10.00 will arrive this Fall, reportedly the targeted release window for the console. It’s all the more interesting since previous rumors indicated a Holiday 2024 launch, but as Henderson reported previously, the date could slip due to a lack of big first-party titles.

Other alleged details include the ACV running at a higher clock speed on PS5 Pro over the current model, with the ACM library offering 35 percent more performance. It can also process more convolution reverbs and FFT or IFFT.

Furthermore, the console offers 30 WGPs running specialized BVH8 traversal shaders, compared to the PS5’s 18 WGPs running BVH4 traversal shaders. Stay tuned for more details and updates in the coming months.

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as long it's going to be affordable, I'll be happy to get the PS5 Pro


Idk why it has that extra bs and a detachable disc drive is pointless fr so is a digital only console