PS5 Pro Is Up to Three Times Faster Than PS5 as Specs Surface

The heavily rumoured PS5 Pro will feature a GPU (graphics processing unit) up to three times faster than the PS5 model currently available, it's been claimed. Insider Gaming and YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead state PS5 Pro documents were posted to Sony's developer portal, and screenshots have been shared with them that suggest the upgraded console will deliver significant improvements over the original system.

The PS5 has access to 10.28 teraflops of graphical power, but it's reported the PS5 Pro will more than triple that to 33.5 teraflops. That "works out to a 45 per cent rendering performance improvement over the PS5". Then, the PS5 Pro will offer three times as much ray-tracing performance — and in some cases four times as much — and utilise a PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution system. Rumours suggest this is machine learning technology for image upscaling.

First-party developers under the PlayStation Studios banner have reportedly had access to PS5 Pro devkits since September 2023, while third-party teams received them roughly two months ago. From the Spring, it's said these devkits will be identical to the model Sony plans to ship to the public. Insider Gaming understands Sony is targeting a Holiday 2024 launch, but there's a chance "the date could be changed due to the lack of first-party games released" on PS5 this year.

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the pros specs always work out better


I bet ! The ps5 is soo slow at times I hate it fr