Minecraft's New Mace Weapon Can One-Shot The Enderdragon

Minecraft's first weapon in six years, the Mace, is easily one of the most powerful items in the game as players have discovered that it can one-shot the Enderdragon under the right conditions.

Although there have been plenty of Minecraft updates over the last few years, it's been a very long time since we last saw a new weapon added to the game. Nearly six years after the introduction of the Trident in 2018's Aquatic update, we finally have something new to kill zombies and Creepers with - the Mace.

It's already exciting enough to be getting another weapon added to Minecraft, but the Mace has already proven itself to be one of the most powerful items in the game. You see, the Mace has some rather unique properties that make it very different from other items in the game, as it gains more damage if you use it after falling from the air.

To be more precise, the damage dealt with the Mace is boosted by five for every block you drop down from. This already sounds very powerful, but it turns out that there's actually no limit to the damage boost that is given when falling from high places, meaning that the Mace can do some serious destruction if used right.

The Mace may have only been out for a few days now, but players have already proven this to be the case. Take Twitter user 4_cvit, for example, who managed to beat Minecraft's final boss, the Enderdragon, in just one hit by using the Mace after falling from the sky. That might seem like a difficult thing to put in motion, but one of the Enderdragon's attacks, Dragon Strike, can actually send you flying up into the air.

Combining this attack with the Mace's massive damage boost results in the Enderdragon being taken out in one fell swoop all because of an attack it tried to use on the player. It's worth noting that the Enderdragon is the strongest enemy in Minecraft, so if it's being taken out so easily then every other Mob is going to look like a joke in comparison.

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always loving beating the enemy with one-shot :lipbite:


Holy shit that's insane. I'm sure they'll add a hard cap to the damage it can do though.