Persona 6 Reportedly Making Big Change From Persona 5

According to a new rumor, Atlus is making a big change with the release of Persona 6 compared to the releases of Persona 5 and previous games in the series before it. The Persona series is synonymous with PlayStation, because for as long as the series has been truly relevant, it has been exclusive to PlayStation consoles. In recent times, mainline Persona games -- as they have been brought to modernity -- have come to more platforms than just PlayStation consoles, but each was released as a PlayStation exclusive. Apparently this may be changing with Persona 6.

The new rumor comes the way of a source that goes by Nate the Hate, who is a source with a spotty track record, but who has also proven reliable at various points. More importantly, they are a source of prominence within the insider community. According to them, "Persona 6 will be coming to Xbox" or so it seems based on the information they've been funneled.

What is not clarified is whether or not the game will be on Xbox at launch. Nate the Hate says it is a "safe assumption" it will be though. As you may know, Persona 5 was eventually playable on Xbox consoles via Persona 5 Royal, but this was after the fact. Way after the fact. If the game is in active development for Xbox, this won't happen again. Whether it will be Xbox consoles at launch or closer to launch than previous outings, remains to be seen, but, whatever the case, it is a change in direction for the series.

That said, for now, take everything here -- the rumor and the speculation on top of it -- with a grain of salt. So far, none of the implicated parties have commented on this rumor. We don't suspect this will change, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.

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yeah, they need to change the game

copy and paste doesn't help them


Already seen a leak we would pry get a fortnite persona
Collab Kt maybe it was one of the most requested for anime


Never played these games heard they are good