Pocketpair is in talks to bring Palworld to new platforms

Pocketpair has said it’s in discussions to bring its smash hit Palworld to additional platforms.

Released in January via Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview, Palworld attracted 25 million players in its first month, according to the studio.

While he didn’t specify if the game could come to PlayStation, Nintendo or mobile devices in the future, Pocketpair CEO and game director Takuro Mizobe told Bloomberg the company is in talks to bring it to more platforms.

He also said Pocketpair would be open to considering offers for partnership or acquisition, but that the company hasn’t engaged in buyout talks with Microsoft.

According to the Xbox maker, Palworld enjoyed the biggest third-party Game Pass launch to date.

Palworld reportedly cost less than 1 billion yen ($6.7 million) to make and has returned tens of billions of yen in profit.

“We are and will remain a small studio,” Mizobe said. “I want to make multiple small games. Big-budget triple-A games are not for us.”

“Games are most fun when playing with friends,” he added. “A game without a multiplayer mode just doesn’t feel right in the era we live today.”

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Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/pocketpair-is-in-talks-to-bring-palworld-to-new-platforms/


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yeah, they need to expand to other devices fr


They'll grow even bigger if they get it on all platforms