Star Wars: KOTOR Remake Release Date Possibly Not Until 2025

Embracer Group officially sold Saber Interactive for $247 million today. During an investors call to announce this news, Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors hinted that Star Wars: KOTOR Remake, which is in development at Saber, would be unlikely to have a release date before 2025, and it could even be later than that before we get the game on PS5.

Star Wars: KOTOR Remake “needs some deep love and respect”
As part of the deal to sell Saber Interactive, Embracer will keep control over “a previously announced AAA game based on a major license.” While this game was not officially identified, investors concluded that it was Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake, as reported by VGC.

When quizzed about whether the AAA game was expected to be released in the next 12 months, Wingefors said: “No, I think that kind of game needs some deep love and respect, so without giving full color, I think it’s some time left until that is released.” This means the remake is not likely to be released before April 2025 at the earliest.

Saber Interactive has now been purchased by Beacon Interactive, a company controlled by Saber’s co-founder Matthew Karch. As part of the deal, several other studios have also moved to Beacon Interactive with Saber, including New World Interactive, Slipgate, and 3D Realms. However, some of the studios that had been folded into the Saber publishing arm will remain at Embracer, including 34 Big Things, 4A Games, Aspyr, Demiurge, Tripwire, and Zen Studios.

As well as the “previously announced AAA game based on a major license,” 13 other games currently in development will be retained by Embracer. These are:

The next AAA game from 4A Games
An unannounced concept phase AAA game
A new AAA multiplayer shooter based on a controlled IP
A new AA game based on an Asmodee IP
A new AA game from 34 Big Things based on an owned IP
Killing Floor 3
Teardown (ongoing development)
The full upcoming pipeline and back catalog from Zen Studios, Aspyr, and Tripwire

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if they do it right, it'll be worth the wait


Idc fr I'm just happy they kept going and are making it ! Going to be soo stoked to play this ! The original is still one of the best star wars game of all time !