Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Reaches 1 Million Sales

Funday Games’ Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, based on the hit co-op title from Ghost Ship Games, has sold one million units in its first month. The Vampire Survivors-like title launched for PC via Steam Early Access last month. It has 16,768 user reviews, 84 percent positive for a “Very Positive” rating.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor sees players venturing to Hoxxes and mining materials while upgrading weapons and taking on waves of dangerous alien bugs. The caves are procedurally generated, and upon clearing a wave, you rush to a Drop Pod to progress further. As the expedition ventures further into the planet, missions become tougher.

Early access launched with four classes, 40 weapons to choose from, 20 different types of enemies and three biomes alongside a progression system. Along with celebrating the sales milestone, Funday announced that its first content update is due next week and adds a new biome that is “sure to challenge even the greybeards among you.” Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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very impressive

wasn't expecting that much already


1 million that's awesome good for them !