Palworld Reveals Belanoir as First New Raid Pal

The first ever Palworld raid is coming "soon," developer Pocketpair announced this week, and it's bringing the monster-taming game's first new Pal with it, too. In its raid announcement, the Palworld creators gave players their first look at Bellanoir, a "powerful" and "evil" Pal who's attacking the islands in Palworld. Details on what type Bellanoir is and where its most efficient in terms of working on a player's base haven't been shared yet, but the raid launches soon, so players will know everything there is to know about the Pal then or perhaps even sooner.

Palworld players got a preview of Bellanoir through a video shared on Palworld socials with players equating its appearance to a "Lyleen Noct" look while others say it reminds them a lot of the Pokemon Gardevoir. From the looks of it, it's pretty safe to assume that Bellanoir will be a Dark Pal at a minimum, though there's a case to be made for it being a dual-type Pal, too, given how purple flames surround it after it makes its entrance. Given the flowy, bulb-like design of the Pal, however, it's also possible it could be Dark and Grass instead of Dark and Fire.

Aside from wondering what it'll specialize in as far as base work goes, the other big question on players' minds right now is how hard the Bellanoir raid will be. Given that this is the first raid Palworld has ever done, there's nothing in Palworld to prepare players for this sort of experience, at least not until Pocketpair tells us a bit more about it or datamining efforts reveal more about Bellanoir. Some have already expressed concerns about the scaling power of Bellanoir – how hard will it be for a solo player to take down the Pal if they don't prefer playing with other Palworld players? Catch rates and questions about what'll happen if you fail the raid in terms of giving it another shot are also some of the topics being discussed within Palworld communities right now.

It's also likely that the update which adds this raid and the new Bellanoir Pal probably won't have only those two features in it, so it's expected that Palworld players will have a substantial update to check out as the raid approaches its release. Referring back to the Palworld roadmap that was shared in January after the game emerged as a breakout hit, the top features planned for future updates included PvP, these raid bosses, and a "Pal Arena" where Pals could fight each other. Other features like crossplay between Steam and Xbox versions, server transfers, improvements for the ways Pals path through players' bases, and more were also on the roadmap, so there's plenty more that could be included in Palworld's raid update.

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hope the raid is successful :wink:


Runts Pretty cool should start seeing more raid pals soon

Sadly they are going to do what they did with there past games release some bad updates and move on to the next game pocketpair is notorious for scamming gamers


Pretty cool should start seeing more raid pals soon