Tekken 8 players glitching massive costumes will be banned

Tekken 8 producer Katsuhiro Harada says players found glitching the game to use massive costumes will be banned.

Players have started reporting on X that they’ve been coming across online opponents who fill the screen because one of their items of clothing is ridiculously oversized.

It’s believed that the issue is caused by some PC players modifying the game’s files and increasing the size of certain items.

Examples posted online include a player wearing an enormous hat, and another wearing a large metal block, both of which cover the majority of the screen.

While the oversized outfits seemingly don’t do extra damage or affect hitboxes, the fact they’re so large means players can’t see the fighters underneath them.

This gives them an obvious disadvantage, because their opponent’s moves are obscured, making it impossible to tell how to block or counter them.

“These are just cheats and we will ban them,” Harada said on X, as spotted by Siliconera.

“We will ban them after preserving evidence of cheater’s replay data,” he added in another post. “When you use the hashtag #T8_report, please include the player’s name and region information so that we can ban them smoothly.”

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Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/tekken-8-players-glitching-massive-costumes-will-be-banned-producer-harada-says/


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you've gotta laugh though at the massive hat etc taking up most of the screen LMAO


glitching and modifying game files are not the same, harada even said they are cheats.


That's dumb it's there fault the glitch is in the game lol sad af when they ban players for mistakes THERE DEVS made