Red Dead Redemption Gets New Update

Rockstar Games has released a brand-new update for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch version of Red Dead Redemption that was released last year. Fans have been asking for a Red Dead Redemption remake or remaster for years. Instead, they got a port of the game that made it playable on the Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Many fans were upset when they realized that Rockstar wasn't going to release a Red Dead Redemption remake and was instead going the re-release route, but others were happy that they could finally revisit the game on modern PlayStation consoles. Since PS5 is backward compatible with PS4, the PS4 version of Red Dead Redemption meant the game was available to those gaming on Sony's newest hardware as well. In any case, there is now a new update to download for the PS4 and Switch version of Red Dead Redemption, for those interested.

The new Red Dead Redemption update is available to download right now for PS4 and Switch gamers. The update doesn't do all that much; it adds a Terms of Service screen to the game and makes vague improvements to its "stability," but the patch notes stop short of providing more specifics on that front. Fans shouldn't expect any substantial Red Dead Redemption updates that add new content to the open world western, so most of the game's updates will likely be similar to this one.

It's more likely that Red Dead Redemption 2 will get substantial updates, though Rockstar has largely moved on from that game, so fans shouldn't hold their breath. While Rockstar occasionally releases new Red Dead Online content, it hasn't given any indication that it's going to release a big new expansion on the level of the Undead Nightmare DLC that was released for the first Red Dead Redemption back in the day.

Right now, Rockstar Games is focused on Grand Theft Auto 6 development, which has reportedly ramped up considerably and is in its final stretches. The latest reports indicate that Rockstar is hoping to release Grand Theft Auto 6 in early 2025, and if that's true, more information on the game should come to light sooner rather than later. It's possible Rockstar will revisit the Red Dead franchise at some point down the line, but it seems like its main focus will be GTA for the foreseeable future.

Red Dead Redemption Update Patch Notes
A Terms of Service (ToS) screen has been added
Improvements have been made to the stability of the game

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seriously don't know why they're bothering with this

they need to sort out RDR2 fr ffs


How about they update RDR2 online there's still a glitch that makes you have god mode it's so dumb it's completely ruined cause of that smh


Yeah just work on the third for us we don't need rdr 1 updates lmao


Games full of script kids online is runied


It's more likely that Red Dead Redemption 2 will get substantial updates, though Rockstar has largely moved on from that game, so fans shouldn't hold their breath

More ai garbage