System Shock Remake Console Release Date Revealed

Last May, the System Shock remake was released to PCs, finally giving fans an updated version of the action-adventure classic after years of delays. However, console players weren't able to join in on the immersive shooter fun. That all changes very soon. Today, the team at Nightdive Studios officially revealed that the System Shock remake is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S this May. Thankfully, the wait seems to have been worth it, as the console launch will also include a new patch that adds several new wrinkles to the System Shock remake.

The updated version of the System Shock remake includes several updates on the original PC version. Thankfully, we've known about these new features since last year because Nightdive dropped the full patch notes for Update 1.2 on its Kickstarter page. That also means the update isn't only for console players. PC will get access to the new patch as well, though it isn't yet clear if the PC version will be updated before the console release.

Either way, several anticipated features are coming with the update. Most notably, the finale has been fully reworked to give the last fight "new mechanics and a unique flow." The team has also introduced a Female Hacker playable character, giving players another choice to make when starting a new game. Nightdive has also added new attacks for several enemies and fixed several lingering bugs. Console players will be happy to see "Better Gamepad handling and implementation" in the patch notes, considering that's how they'll be interacting with System Shock. Steam Deck users will also love to hear that optimization fixes should make the game run much better on their system of choice.

System Shock Remake Console Release Date
As mentioned, the System Shock remake is coming to PlayStation and Xbox platforms in May. The exact date is May 21st, which means it'll launch just before the game's first anniversary of the PC release. It's worth noting that Nightdive is seemingly still planning to bring System Shock to Linux and Mac, but those versions aren't included with this release. Instead, they'll likely be quietly dropped somewhere down the road.

Of course, this isn't the only System Shock project currently in the works. While it seems that development has effectively stalled out for System Shock 3, it does seem like things are very slowly moving forward on the System Shock TV series. The show was first announced in 2021 and in 2022 we learned that the screenwriter for Mortal Kombat had been attached to direct, write, and executive produce the project. Since then, we haven't learned much, but it hasn't been outright cancelled, which is a better sign than other projects.

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very excited they have made a remake of this game and it's released this May :lipbite:


We've been getting a lot of old remakes and old remasters lately.