Insomiac’s Cancelled Multiplayer Spider-Man Game Trailer Leaks

Following Insomniac Games’ massive data breach in December, it emerged that the studio had been working on a live service multiplayer Spider-Man game called Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Great Web, which was eventually scrapped by Sony. Now, a trailer for the cancelled game has emerged online, offering a look at what it was being pitched at prior to being shelved.

First shared by Insider Gaming (and unsurprisingly propagated on social media afterwards), the trailer reveals key details about the game, which would have seen five players teaming up together to take on the Sinister Six. The trailer showcases a number of different playable characters, including Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, Venom, Silk, and several different variants of multiversal Spider-Men.

As per Insider Gaming, the game’s central premise would have seen Scarlet Witch opening up the multiverse, allowing different Spider-Heroes to fight together against common threats, with players also having various different customization options available to personalize their hero. Previous leaks have suggested that the cancelled title was being built as an MMO experience similar to Grand Theft Auto Online.

Leaked information emerging from Insomniac’s data breach also suggested that the studio was working on multiplayer components for future titles, including Wolverine. Whether those plans are still in place is unknown.

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great news I've heard all this month so far


I'm glad it is cancelled cuz games like these don't need a MP that's just silly. Marvel games are ment for single player unless it is a versus game like MK or something.


No way dude, this would have been epic!
Can you image going around NYC swinging around with other people? Bummer this was cancelled.


This seems interesting but I can also see why it got cancelled