Rumors Claim Next Ghost Recon Is A Realistic, Squad-Based FPS

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon has been in a state of flux for developer Ubisoft over the last few years. 2019's Breakpoint certainly didn't light the world on fire, especially after Ubisoft tried to experiment with NFTs mid-way through the game's life cycle. The team then cancelled its Frontline project, which was meant to be a new live-service battle royale game. With that in mind, Ubisoft has seemingly gone back to the drawing board for its next project. Last year, "Project Over" leaked, giving players their first real hint at what's coming next. Recently, a new rumor has cropped up that includes a chunk of new details that may please Ghost Recon fans.

The new Ghost Recon rumor comes from the team at Insider Gaming, who claims to have seen footage of the game and spoken to sources about the direction the team is working toward. The most notable reveal from the rumor is that the next Ghost Recon will seemingly switch to first-person after spending the majority of the franchise as a third-person shooter. The team is said to be taking inspiration from the Modern Warfare series and Battlefield, among other first-person shooters, though it will still be squad-based.

In some ways, this change has been coming to the franchise for a bit. Remember, Breakpoint and Wildlands both included the option to switch to first-person when aiming. That said, it's going to be a major change for long-time fans who preferred the third-person perspective. Hopefully, with the move to keep combat squad-based, it'll feel more like an evolution of the Ghost Recon formula and not like something completely different.

Insider Gaming also claims that the next Ghost Recon will take inspiration from Modern Warfare in another way. Supposedly, the game will feature "potential dark or controversial missions and segments" during its story, including a mission where one squadmate almost shoots a man holding a baby thinking that the baby is a bomb.

Finally, the team says that the next Ghost Recon is taking a big leap forward graphically. Of course, just like everything else in this report, you'll want to take it with a massive grain of salt. While Insider Gaming does have a decent track record, it's impossible to know how legitimate all this is until Ubisoft announces something itself. Plus, Ubisoft could change things during development making some or all of this information irrelevant by the time the next Ghost Recon launches.

Speaking of the game's release date, the report claims that it's coming within the next two years. Specifically, Insider Gaming gave a window of 2025-2026, meaning it may be revealed later this year. Hopefully, that turns out to be true and we get a new announcement this fall.

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certainly would separate the men from the boys if it becomes so


Oh man that sounds like it could be pretty cool.