Warner ‘sets expectations’ for Hogwarts Legacy’s free summer update

Hogwarts Legacy developer Avalanche Software has moved to “set some expectations” for the game’s free summer update.

Ahead of the game’s one-year anniversary last month, publisher Warner Bros. confirmed that PlayStation-exclusive content would be released for other platforms this summer, along with “additional updates and features for the game”.

With plenty of speculation about what’s in store for the game, Avalanche community manager Chandler Wood provided an update on the studio’s plans in a message published on X on Thursday.

“We are thrilled that you are all excited for the free update to Hogwarts Legacy this summer,” he wrote. “We love seeing all the guesses and hopes for what will be part of this update, and while we are not ready to talk about it yet, I do want to set some expectations for what we are working on.

“Our original wording of ‘additional updates and features for the game’ was very intentional. This update is a small way of us showing appreciation to our players for the amazing reception to the game.”

Hogwarts Legacy was 2023’s best-selling game ahead of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Warner said in January that it had sold 24 million copies.

Despite the success of the Harry Potter spin-off, Warner reiterated this week that it sees the biggest growth opportunities in gaming in the free-to-play and live service spaces.

Speaking at a tech conference, CEO of global streaming and games JB Perrette contrasted Hogwarts Legacy’s performance with that of this year’s disappointing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and said Warner plans to rely less heavily on the “very volatile” triple-A console business over the coming years.

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glad they're doing a free summer update

players have already paid enough for the game ffs lmao


At this point leave the first in the past and get going on the second I hope the map and world is bigger. I hope there's like an honor and evil system and so much more they could have such great games with these