Sea of Thieves is Finally Going After Cheaters in a Big Way

Developer Rare has announced that Sea of Thieves is getting a new anti-cheat system in the near future. This marks the developer's first step in truly addressing cheating issues within Sea of Thieves.

Like many multiplayer games, Sea of Thieves has had a cheating issue since its launch back in 2018. This has created plenty of frustration among users who fall victim to these exploits, especially seeing that Sea of Thieves is a PvPvE game that partially revolves around accruing loot and avoiding death. Surprisingly, Rare has not implemented a true anti-cheat system in the game's four-year lifespan, until later this month.

In a video uploaded to the Sea of Thieves YouTube account, Rare confirmed that it will implement Epic Games' Easy Anti-Cheat system later in March. EAC is used in popular games like Fortnite and Apex Legends and is a "kernel-level solution," like many powerful anti-cheats are nowadays. Rare also explained that this is only the "first step" in combating cheaters and confirmed that it's looking into additional ways to protect players in the future, which users should hear about soon. Currently, Sea of Thieves users can run into cheats like aimbots, speedhacks, and more, but these issues should become much less prevalent following the implementation of EAC.

In the same video, Rare also admitted that its efforts to make future updates smaller will take a bit longer than previously thought, as the approaching March update will still be a sizable download for Xbox and Windows Store users. This delayed effort was spearheaded by a February Sea of Thieves update that set the stage for such an improvement. Fortunately, Rare says the upgrade should work as intended following the March patch.

Sea of Thieves has a big premiere coming next month when it releases for the PlayStation 5 on April 30. The approaching launch marks the end of a long trend for Rare, which has never released a game for the PlayStation in its 39-year history. PlayStation 5 users can also purchase other Xbox exclusives like Hi-Fi Rush on March 19, Grounded on April 16, and the already available Pentiment.

Sea of Thieves' cross-platform release could be a major boost to the game's player base. It's regarded as one of the best online co-op games on Game Pass thanks to its unique format and entertaining gameplay, and Microsoft Gaming's Phil Spencer previously explained that Xbox's various PS5 releases will hopefully help these franchises reach many more players.

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yeah, shadow ban all the frigging cheaters

most of them are the pc players


This many seasons in and now they want to do somthing about the cheaters ? Lol