Supermarket Simulator Has Become A Surprise Viral Hit

Supermarket Simulator, an early-access simulation game, has become very popular, holding an average of 13,000 players on Steam since its release on February 20.

As the name implies, you do everything the profession requires, stocking shelves, setting prices, hiring and firing, and designing the layout of the store. It’s everything you’d expect your average Tesco manager to be involved in.

Supermarket Simulator currently holds a ‘Very Positive’ score on Steam with over 6,000 reviews. A lot of the reviews are intended to be humorous, people saying they work for 40 hours a week in retail and then come home and do the same thing.

Others are saying it appeals to their neurodivergence, as stocking the shelves is relaxing and engrossing. This is a negative for others, though, who claim the game is primarily about stocking shelves and doesn’t actually reflect the reality of working in a supermarket.

One negative review of Supermarket Simulator reads, “Here is a real situation to help you understand. In Supermarket Simulator, you purchase stock, stock your shelves, and a rush of customers come in and buy all your products. The issue is, every single customer buys like they’re doomsday prepping. It takes you 30 minutes to buy everything, restock the shelves, throw away the boxes, and one single customer buys 8 boxes of spaghetti and 6 packs of coffee.”

This is a common complaint even in positive reviews - customers buy such an excessive amount of stock that keeping up with them is impossible. I imagine if a real supermarket had these problems, they would be ecstatic.

Developer Nokta Games has been providing regular updates, with the most recent patch being the addition of a storage room to the store. Perhaps the ability to store stock will alleviate the pressures applied by the doomsday preppers.

Nokta Games previously created Toy of War, a mobile game where you fight an army of Orcs. Supermarket Simulator is available on Steam.

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geez, all these simulators lmao


Honestly all the simulator games do I feel like lol. Crazy to me people play these it's hilarious