Minecraft Adds 8 New Kinds of Wolves

As Minecraft barrels toward the release date of Update 1.21, the developers at Mojang have slowly been adding new features to the test servers. Thus far, that's included a new skeleton type, the armadillo mob, and much more. Recently, the team announced that another 1.21 feature is available for testing, as the team announced that new wolf types are now in Minecraft. Not only that, but players will be able to test out wolf armor as well, giving them a sneak peek at what to expect when Update 1.21 comes to Minecraft later this year.

The new update introduces eight new wolf variations (in addition to the old variant) in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta and preview, and Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot. Having it available across both platforms means that everyone will have the chance to hop in if they want to, hopefully, giving Mojang the data it needs in the process. Here are the eight new wolf types and where to find them:

Pale Wolf – Taiga biome
Rusty Wolf – Junle biome
Spotted Wolf – Savanna biome
Black Wolf – Pine Taiga biome
Striped Wolf – Wooded Badlands biome
Snowy Wolf – Snowy Groves biome
Ashen Wolf – Snowy Taiga biome
Woods Wolf – Forest biome
Chestnut Wolf – Old Growth Spruce Taiga biome

Additionally, players can try out the new Wolf Armor, which absorbs all damage from enemies until it breaks. As long as your furry friend keeps their armor on, they're completely protected, meaning they won't suddenly die from a stray Creeper blast. Fortunately, you can repair your pet's armor with armadillo scutes, so you'll never have to worry about them as long as you keep a steady supply on hand. The armor is also customizable because you can dye it to make it whatever color you and your wolf prefer.

If you want to try out the new update, all you need to do is follow the traditional steps for enabling snapshots or preview/beta builds. For snapshots, simply open up the launcher and enable the option under the "Installations" tab. For preview/beta builds, the steps are generally the same, but depending on your platform of choice, you might need to take extra steps. Your best bet is to head to the official site and find your platform before starting the installation process.

Minecraft Update 1.21 Release Date
Thus far, all Mojang has said is that Update 1.21 is coming to Minecraft this summer. Traditionally, the team puts out new updates in June, so we'll most likely get it right around then. That said, development can often be tricky, so the team may need to move around that release window slightly depending on how things are going.

Either way, players have plenty to do in Minecraft. Recently, the team dropped a massive crossover DLC pack that brought Godzilla to the game. Soon after, it teased a potential Dune crossover. We haven't heard anything official, but knowing that Legendary Pictures (the production company behind the Dune franchise) is also working on the upcoming Minecraft movie, means that it wouldn't be surprising to see something Dune-related in Minecraft soon.

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such a great addition to the game fr


They're all so cute, I'll be sure to collect them all if I ever get back to Minecraft.


8 different kinds of wolves !? Not really needed but okay lol