Rocket League Fans Blast "Recycled" New Season

Rocket League Season 14 is kicking off today, and it's bringing the action under the sea. Players can expect to see the arrival of new cars, a new arena variant, and several items that match this season's theme. The new arena variant is AquaDome (Salty Shallows), which is closer to the surface than the original version. Psyonix is going for a more relaxed vibe than the traditional version of the map, and that will be reflected in the music players will hear. The developers have added several new lofi music tracks from artists like Angara, Bound to Divide, Dani Demand, and more.

A trailer for the new season can be found below. In the trailer, viewers can hear the new theme song "Ghost," which is by Monstercat artist, Direct.

Rocket Pass Premium
Players that purchase the Rocket Pass Premium this season will immediately receive the Admiral Car Body, which uses the Dominus hitbox. As they make their way through the tiers, they'll unlock a second, the Mako Car Body, which has the Breakout hitbox. The game's official website notes that "these Car Bodies will soon be eligible for cross-game ownership between Rocket League and Fortnite," but there has been no indication exactly when that will happen.

Players will also unlock a number of other rewards that match the season's theme, including a Snorkel Mask Topper and Scale-Veil Decal. There are also some new Goal Explosions, including Atlantis and Tidal Rave. In total, there will be more than 70 tiers spanning both the free and premium tracks.

Rocket League Season 14's Tepid Response
So far, reception to the new Rocket League season has been pretty negative. The announcement on Twitter and the trailer on YouTube have both been inundated with comments about the lack of new content. The map in particular has been blasted, as fans would have preferred something truly new to fit the under the sea theme. There are a lot of interesting ways that a new undersea map could have gone, but instead, players are just getting a slightly altered take on an existing map. Some have outright accused the developers of "recycling" existing content, merely adding grass to the existing map while removing the sharks.

Not everyone is unhappy with the new theme, and it will be interesting to see if fans start to warm up to the season once they've had a chance to experience it for themselves. A map on the shores with lofi music actually sounds a bit relaxing, and it's possible it could win some people over. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that Rocket League fans are feeling neglected at the moment, and clearly hungry for original content. Hopefully Psyonix and Epic Games will listen to the community and start to add more original content next season.

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they're bringing in some new features though :lipbite:


Everything with rocket league is recycled only cool stuff os the collabs ! Lol


Can't believe people still play this lol