Helldivers 2 Devs Confirm Mechs Are Coming Soon

Helldivers 2 has been a massive success for developer Arrowhead Game Studios. That success wasn't a total positive though, as Helldivers 2's servers struggled to keep up with demand for the first week or so the game was on the market. Fortunately, most of that has been ironed out by the developers, with even daily personal orders finally coming back for everyone yesterday. Now that Helldivers 2 is in a more stable place, the developers can move on to adding new content to the live service. It's been teased several times since launch, but now the developers have confirmed that mechs are going to be one of the first things coming to Helldivers 2, and they'll be here "soon."

Helldivers 2 Mechs "Are In Full Production"

Earlier today, the Helldivers 2 Twitter account made the official announcement, saying, "Helldivers! The EXO-45 Patriot Exosuits are in full production in the factories of Tien Kwan. Ready for deployment on the battlefield soon!"

As you likely noticed, the developers didn't give fans a release date for mechs in Helldivers 2, but they probably won't have to wait too long. After all, this is a live service game with a huge playerbase. Arrowhead needs to keep drip-feeding content to its players to keep them engaged, and it's hard to imagine something more exciting than mechs with Gatling guns and rockets attached to them.

Hopefully, we'll hear more about when the mechs are dropping into Helldivers later this week as Arrowhead finalizes plans. Several other features and additions have leaked alongside the mechs, so it seems likely that Arrowhead will reveal a few more additional features that will launch with mechs. Granted, that's only an educated guess, but Arrowhead has a huge playerbase to please and will want to put a good foot forward with its first major content drop.

What Else Is Coming to Helldivers 2?
Last week, players started to post in-game looks at mechs in Helldivers 2. These leaks also included several other upcoming gameplay additions. That includes a selection of new guns and armaments like a crossbow that fires exploding bolts and electrified shotguns. There are also rumors about a new teleportation device that saves players from fatal blows.

We've also seen footage of new armored vehicles in Helldivers 2. It's not clear if all of that is coming alongside the mech update, but at least some of it is likely to be released soon. Here's hoping Arrowhead reveals all of the details very soon.

Helldivers 2 is available now on PS5 and PC.

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we will see how great the mechs will do for the game


Oh yay just ruin the game then in one decision ! Lmao


I don't know what that even means tbh