Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Sales Are Tracking Weaker Than FF7 Remake

Sales data for Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Rebirth suggests that the second entry in the trilogy could be getting off to a weaker start compared to Final Fantasy VII Remake. By all accounts, Rebirth has been a big success for Square Enix so far. Not only is the Japanese publisher's latest Final Fantasy entry the highest-rated game to this point in 2024, but fans longtime fans on social media are expressing nothing but adoration for the title. Despite this, Rebirth could end up having a softer launch compared to Remake based on what we know so far.

According to reporter Christopher Dring, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's sales are down 30% compared to the opening sales figures for Final Fantasy VII Remake. This data only happens to be associated with sales that have taken place in the UK, which means that there's a small sample size of information to examine for the time being. Additionally, these sales totals are only accounting for physical copies of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on PS5. As a result, digital sales could be much higher and could put Rebirth more on par with Remake.

Although it might be concerning to see that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth isn't getting off to as hot of a start, there are some good reasons as to why this is likely the case. Specifically, Rebirth has launched (for the time being) exclusively on the PlayStation 5, where there are only about 55 million consoles that have been sold around the globe. By comparison, Remake arrived in the final months of the PlayStation 4's life when over 100 million consoles had been shipped. As a result, this 30% dip in sales for FFVII Rebirth is likely something that Square Enix accounted for with the install base differences.

In all likelihood, Square Enix itself should share more information about the sales for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in the days and weeks to come. Once the game's exclusivity on PS5 comes to an end, there's also the chance that Rebirth will come to Xbox and PC, which could easily push its sales totals far beyond FF VII Remake.

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I'm sure it will pick up more sales very soon


People finally realizing these games are trash ??! Lol