Ghost of Tsushima PC Announcement Reportedly Coming Soon

Rumor has it that Sony Interactive Entertainment is gearing up to announce Ghost of Tsushima for PC. The Sucker Punch Productions-developed hit title released in 2020 but has yet to be officially confirmed for PC unlike Sony’s other first-party single-player hits. And if rumors are to be believed, we’ll hear something as soon as tomorrow, March 5.

When is Ghost of Tsushima expected to release on PC?
Rumor of an announcement of some sort comes from Nick “Shpeshal_Nick” Baker. As of late, Baker has been spot on with his leaks so we wouldn’t be surprised if this one’s accurate as well. Ghost of Tsushima was expected to release on PC at some point, so it’s merely a question of when Sony will announce it.

Back in February, Sony Group executive and interim Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Hiroki Totoki said that he wants PlayStation to “aggressively” pursue a multiplatform release strategy for first-party games, and stressed that he means PC ports.

“In the past, we wanted to popularize consoles and a first-party title’s main purpose was to make the console popular,” he said of Sony’s changing approach to first-party games. “This is true but there’s a synergy to it, so if you have strong first-party content – not only on our console but also other platforms, like computers – first-party can be grown.”

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this will be amazing for sure


So sweet. Knew it would be coming to Pc soon.