Helldivers 2 Leaks Have Now Revealed APC Gameplay

Now that Helldivers 2 has its server problems under control, developer Arrowhead Studios has turned its attention to more interesting additions. Ever since launch, players have had a number of requests for new features, with mechs and a faster method of transportation being the two big ones. Over the past few days, leaked footage showcased substantial gameplay of the former, and it now appears that the latter may also be coming pretty soon as well.

In a video shared by Twitter user Rebs Gaming, it appears as though a handful of Helldivers 2 players have been testing out a pretty agile APC during missions. Similar to the mech gameplay shared a couple of days ago, the footage of the gameplay isn't of the greatest quality, but it seems to be legitimate, showcasing a four-seater vehicle with a turret attached mowing down surrounding enemies.

Just like the mech footage, we don't really know where this footage has come from, though it's possible this could be the work of either dataminers or playtesters breaking NDAs. Further details about the APC are unknown, such as if the turret has any ammunition of any kind, or if there are multiple versions of the APC with different weaponry attached to the back. Either way, it seems as though APCs are coming soon if players already have their hands on them.

Right now, we have no idea when Arrowhead plans on dropping these new features into Helldivers 2, though there is a feeling it's going to be sooner rather than later. Earlier this month, a developer at Arrowhead claimed in the game's official Discord that mechs have been "good to go" for a while now, and it seems that's the case with APCs if we're getting similar gameplay videos showing them off. We'll just have to remain patient and hope these reinforcements come soon.

Until then, players can continue the fight against Joel, the Helldivers 2 developer who was recently outed as the sole person behind the war, orchestrating the forces of the bug and Automatons like some kind of evil D&D Dungeon Master. Players have already been calling the saddening fall of Malevelon Creek an "inside job" as a result of this new info, and they're more than determined than ever to fight back against Joel and the forces of evil. Stay strong soldiers, reinforcements are on the way.

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great to see they have the servers under control to have the apc gameplay


There doing pretty well with this game cool to see