Starfield's Shattered Space DLC Might Have Just Been Added To Steam

Starfield's first story expansion, Shattered Space, migth have just been added to Steam. Earlier this week, a new "unknown app" was added to Starfield's Steam page, suggesting that the long awaited DLC could finally be unveiled soon.

As reported by Insider Gaming, Bethesda is yet to share many details about the DLC, and we only know it exists because it was bundled with a premium edition of the game. But with Starfield's Steam page preparing for some kind of add on, it's possible that this is about to change, as there's certainly something coming to the RPG.

The unknown app was added to the Steam just days ago, and appears in the DLC section of the page, further suggesting that it is Shattered Space. With it already appearing on Steam, it's possible that Bethesda won't leave much time in between its reveal and release, although we're yet to see when the studio plans to tell us what's actually in the DLC.

Before that, however, we did recently get a large update to the base game. This patch focussed on visual improvements, with players spotting huge upgrades to many of the game's locations. It also addressed a bunch of bugs, some of which were preventing the completion of certain quests. We've been told to expect more larger patches like this every few weeks, so we'll probably get another before the expansion is revealed.

With that all being said, anticipation for the DLC hasn't even been the biggest Starfield story this year. Last month, Bethesda's latest RPG found itself at the centre of console war discourse, as rumours spread that it was going to be ported to PlayStation 5. So far, these rumours haven't amounted to anything, with Xbox eventually clarifying that neither Starfield nor the upcoming Indiana Jones game will be included in its ports to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Still, in the days leading up to that reveal, the Xbox community wasn't happy at all with the idea of sharing Starfield with PlayStation, since Microsoft already depritorisies console exclusives compared to Sony.

Until further notice, Starfield is only available to play on Xbox Series X/S and PC. It launched last year on Septmeber 6. It remains to be seen if Shatted Space arrives during its first year of release.

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I hate it when they come off with shit like that

it has, or he hasn't ffs


How about a better map UI.

I love guessing to find out where the vendors are :)


Mods might be the only way I would try this game out.