New Starfield Update Previews Better Photo Mode and Much More

Late last year, developer Bethesda announced several of its plans for Starfield updates in 2024. This year, we've already seen a few updates bringing new bug fixes and core updates to Starfield instead of adding new content. Today, the team announced that its next update is coming next week and revealed a few of the features coming alongside it. Similar to the past few updates, this one isn't adding anything major, instead focusing on "quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes." However, Bethesda hints that this patch is taking players one step closer to the new "features and content" coming to Starfield later this year.

As mentioned, this patch won't have much in the way of new content. It's also worth noting that Bethesda has only given us a preview of the new update, so it's fair to expect that a few more important improvements might crop up when we get the full patch notes. That said, the first thing Bethesda is highlighting is the addition of expressions to photo mode. Using this, you'll be able to make the characters in your photo shots change their facial expression, letting you create more lifelike photos.

The team is also touting an improved scanner. With this update, you'll be able to use the device while harvesting resources or opening doors. They've also made the smart change to the quest system. When you plot a course to an inactive mission, Starfield will now make it your active mission automatically. Bethesda has also found David Barron who had gone missing during the "Sabotage" mission for many players. Finally, the team announced a few bug fixes, like ironing out the issue where the player's head would turn left while sprinting.

All in all, it's a solid start for Starfield's next update. While fans aren't getting any new content, quality-of-life patches like this should set the stage for those updates in the future. It's also worth repeating that some of the more technical improvements won't be seen until we're able to dig through the full patch notes. Either way, the hope is that we'll hear more about the new features and content coming to Starfield in the next few weeks.

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updates are always welcome, especially when they add features for the game(s)


Haven't heard anyone on this game in a while now


any update to give it a soul?