Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Is Finally Releasing This Year, Report Claims

It is not often over the past decade Dragon Age fans get good news, but a new report has exactly that. According to the report, the long-awaited Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is finally releasing this year, with BioWare supposedly confident it will ship the game this year. We already knew the game was going to be fully revealed this summer, but many Dragon Age fans were growing confident it wouldn't release until 2025, but that's not the plan at the moment. The plan is supposedly to release the game later this year.

The information comes the way of Jeff Grubb, one of the most well-known industry insiders and the main source for BioWare news over the past couple years. Grubb specifically says, "it will be released this year, last I heard." He adds that BioWare is "pretty confident" about this.

Capping this, Grubb admits plans could have change and could still change, but he seems confident that they won't. What's odd is if the game is going to release this year, why hasn't BioWare relayed that information yet? It is possible it wanted to save the pop for its marketing push, but it could have still confirmed a 2024 release without giving an exact date when it spoke about the game late last year for Dragon Age day. What this suggests is it was not confident at the time about a 2024 release, but is confident now. That said, Grubb doesn't say this. This is just added speculation.

As always, take everything here with a grain of salt. Even if this information is accurate, it doesn't mean it will remain accurate over time. Things change in game development all the time. And so far, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has had a messy development full of constant change of plans.

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Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/dragon-age-dreadwolf-release-date-2024/


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about time, if it is going to be


Finally maybe it will actually release.