Terraria Dev Thinks 2024 Could Be Best Year for the Game Yet

A developer has said that 2024 might be the "best year for Terraria yet" before going over some of the game's biggest additions coming later this year. Terraria's anticipated 1.4.5 update does not have a release date yet, but it's confirmed to be coming sometime in 2024.

Terraria, which is regarded as one of the best indie game success stories, is approaching its 13th birthday in just a couple of months. Although Terraria's most viral days might be behind it, it still maintains a dedicated and passionate community thanks to its post-launch content and charming yet challenging gameplay. Many of the features of Terraria's next major update are already known, but that didn't stop its development team from hyping up the patch, which is packed to the brim with new additions and improvements.

As part of Terraria's monthly State of the Game update, a developer made a post to the game's official forum that outlined many of the 1.4.5 update's most exciting features, which include revamped banners, boss trophies, and a new character creation screen. The update will also add world seed combos that can trigger unique scenarios like the Vampire Seed. 1.4.5 will also enhance the Summoner class, add new transformations, introduce new items like the Magic Yo Yo Bag and Axearang, and add new music tracks, including boss-specific ones. There are plenty more features coming in the game's next update, including some that are still unannounced. Additionally, Update 1.4.5 will finally add Dead Cell-inspired content following Terraria's previous crossover with the game. Dead Cells' update introduced an armor set and more that was inspired by Terraria.

Revamped banners and boss trophies
New character creation screen
World seed combos
New items
New music tracks
Dead Cells-inspired content
And more

The post also outlined improvements coming to tModLoader soon, a tool that allows players to use Terraria's mods. On March 1, tModLoader's monthly update will be released, which will improve multiplayer and Mod Config support as well as fix an assortment of bugs. Full patch notes will be released with the launch of tModLoader's next update.

The post also reiterated that Terraria's console versions will receive update 1.4.5 as well, once it releases. The Terraria update was first announced over a year ago, back in November 2022, so the massive patch is a long time coming for many dedicated fans. It's possible that this update will be the final one for Terraria, although its developers have previously claimed that older updates would be the final patch. Terraria's development team is clearly passionate about the game, and as long as it remains popular, fans could receive additional updates for some time to come, although there will likely be long gaps between them.

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it's still early in the year, so I can't see why not


Hopefully it goes good for them and they have there best year then.