Sea of Thieves on PS5 Has a Catch

Sea of Thieves' PlayStation Store page has revealed that PS5 players will need a Microsoft account to play the popular open-world pirate game. Once Sea of Thieves releases for the PS5, developer Rare will break a surprising 39-year streak.

Sea of Thieves' cross-platform release marks the first time that Rare has ever released a game for a PlayStation console since the studio was founded in 1985. Most fans are probably familiar with Rare's work, which includes legendary titles like GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and many more. The studio's biggest hit in modern times is Sea of Thieves, which is coming to PlayStation alongside other Xbox exclusives.

Sea of Thieves' PlayStation Store page explains that "Microsoft account registration, acceptance of Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Statement [is] required to play." Journalist Stephen Totilo further explained that Sea of Thieves PS5 users will be able to link their PlayStation and Microsoft accounts, which will allow for cross-platform invitations, voice chat, and progression. Creating a Microsoft account will likely be a quick and simple process, so this seems to be a worthy tradeoff for Sea of Thieves coming to PS5 on April 30. Additionally, Totilo stated that Grounded, which comes to PS5 and Switch on April 16, will also require a Microsoft sign-in for crossplay, cross-save, and shared world features. However, it seems that Grounded users who don't care about these features will be able to play without a Microsoft account.

Sea of Thieves' approaching PS5 release will likely help the game outperform Ubisoft's Skull and Bones, which is already struggling with lackluster reviews and disappointing player numbers. Ubisoft's open-world pirate game was in on-and-off development for over a decade before its release earlier this month.

Recently, Sea of Thieves released a new update that surprised Xbox's console and PC users with a massive download size of over 90 GB, although Steam users were much luckier with a 10.5 GB download size. Rare explained that the update's large size was mainly due to the integration of the newest Xbox Game Development Kit, which will allow future updates to be considerably smaller than usual. However, the update did make some performance improvements as well as a gameplay improvement by improving water visuals when viewed from a distance.

Additional Xbox titles coming to PlayStation include Hi-Fi Rush, which will release on March 19, and Pentiment, which already released on February 22. Some PlayStations fans are particularly excited about Hi-Fi Rush, which was nominated for five categories at The Game Awards 2023.

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sounds good, I still have my ms account from the 360 days :lipbite:


Sweet that they even got it on psn !