Xbox First-Party Game Seemingly Runs Better on PS5

Pentiment, a former Xbox exclusive just released for the PlayStation 5, runs at double the frame rate on Sony's console. The PlayStation 5 version of Obsidian's 2D RPG includes additional enhancements not seen on the Xbox version.

During an Xbox presentation in February, the company announced that four of its exclusive games would release on PlayStation and Switch later this year and even teased Xbox's next-gen hardware. One of these exclusives turned out to be Pentiment, which released on the PS4, PS5, and Switch on February 22. Pentiment is a narrative-driven game that sees the user investigate a series of crimes in the 16th-century Bavarian Alps. While PlayStation fans were excited to get their hands on Obsidian's well-received RPG, they made one surprising discovery after launching it.

Pentiment's PS5 edition implements a 120 FPS cap on supported displays, as opposed to Xbox's 60 FPS cap. It's somewhat surprising that an upgrade such as this one was incorporated into the PS5 edition first, seeing that Pentiment is a first-party Xbox title. However, a 60 FPS boost is not hugely significant in a game like this one, although it's possible that Pentiment's Xbox edition will see a similar upgrade soon. Pentiment's PS5 version has additional upgrades like DualSense features and a smaller download size (6.4 GB to Xbox's 11.4 GB).

That isn't the only interesting detail that fans have noticed in the new edition of Pentiment. Users also realized that Pentiment's Platinum trophy on PS5 is without a name and is simply titled "PlatinumTrophy," which appears to be some sort of placeholder. However, the trophy does have a custom image and seems to function as intended.

Xbox Games Coming to PlayStation and Switch
Other Xbox titles coming to PlayStation soon include Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, and Grounded. Hi-Fi Rush is the next launch that PlayStation and Switch fans can look forward to, which releases on March 19. Grounded will follow with an April 16 release, backed up by Sea of Thieves on April 30. It's not clear whether these titles will feature improvements similar to Pentiment's PS5 version. Currently, Pentiment fans can pre-order a limited-edition physical copy of the game for Xbox, PS5, or Switch until March 22.

Sea of Thieves is about to break a 39-year streak for Rare by being the studio's first game ever released on PlayStation. Sea of Thieves' release on PlayStation and Switch, which will presumably boost player numbers, could come at the perfect time as the game looks to outperform Ubisoft's Skull and Bones, which released earlier this month and exists in the same genre.

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LMAO a very big difference, goes to show how better the PS5 can be


Man that's going to p/o Microsoft lmao