Helldivers 2 servers finally hold steady “without problem”

Helldivers 2 might have just had its smoothest weekend yet, as the new server cap of around 800,000 players held steady “without problem,” amid ongoing server issues for one of 2024’s biggest surprise hits.

While some of our team experienced crashes in Helldivers 2 this weekend, getting into a game has been its easiest yet. Up to now, while the multiplayer game has been great fun, it’s also been a bit of a nightmare to play. We’ve talked about how that hasn’t stopped the success already, but it has been a bit of a blight on the launch of an otherwise perfect game to goof off with friends in.

That seems to have changed now, as Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt celebrates how well the servers did this weekend since launch.

“I’m really happy and proud of the Arrowhead Game Studios team for an amazing achievement, the servers handled all Helldivers 2 players this weekend without problem,” Pilestedt writes.

“Now we have time to focus on improvements to the title and resume our original plan. Many exciting things upcoming!”

The Helldivers 2 server woes have been ongoing since launch, as the PlayStation-published live service game drank from a cocktail of maxed-out servers, AFK campers trying to stay online, and bouts of crashes and server errors. Patches have dropped for Helldivers 2 to fix things like crashes, and with a new player cap of around 800,000 across both PC and PS5, it looks like the game has finally seen some peace.

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Source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/helldivers-2/stable-servers


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was to b e expected due to so many players jumping on all at once


They just had so many people rushing to jump on there game all at once it couldn't handle the traffic they pry didn't expect it