Rise of the Ronin Features Three Difficulty Modes

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja revealed new details about combat in Rise of the Ronin, from the different Styles players could utilize to the importance of Ki during fights. Much of it should be familiar to Nioh 1 and 2 players, but there will also be options to change the difficulty.

As revealed on the game’s official PlayStation page, there are three modes – Dawn (Easy), Dusk (Normal) and Twilight (Hard). You can change it at any point, with Dawn mode providing options to increase health recovered from Medicine and reduce the amount of Ki lost from attacks. These should help those keen on enjoying the story or exploring the world, while combat-focused players have more of a challenge.

Whether Rise of the Ronin will feature different Paths like the Nioh series, which serve as New Game Plus playthroughs and add new content, remains to be seen. It’s out on March 22nd for PS5.

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always great to have 3 difficulty modes fr :lipbite:


I never go on the hard or veteran difficulty modes hell na not worth it lol