Rise of the Ronin Features 4-Player Co-op

Rise of the Ronin is set to diverge from the kind of experiences Team Ninja has typically delivered over the last decade, especially as the studio’s first open world game, but there are some areas where it won’t be breaking tradition- like the inclusion of co-op multiplayer.

In an FAQ on the game’s official PlayStation page, Sony has revealed that Rise of the Ronin will allow up to four players to play online together to tackle main story missions, for which you will, of course, require a PlayStation Plus subscription. Meanwhile, it’s also been confirmed that there will be no PvP multiplayer.

Co-op multiplayer was, of course, an important element of the Nioh games and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, so its inclusion is sure to please fans of the studio’s works.

In this same FAQ, Sony and Team Ninja have also revealed that Rise of the Ronin will have three difficulty modes at launch (including an easy mode, unusually enough for the studio), and that it will feature a character creator.

A recently released developer diary has also revealed extensive new details on Rise of the Ronin’s combat, including its Ki mechanics, different weapon types, fighting stances, and more.

Rise of the Ronin launches on March 22 for PS5.

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love to test the 4 player co-op very soon fr


Could be really fun ! Haven't played a good co op 4 player game in years !