Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Adds New Executions and Free Skins

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre may not have gotten a new update this week, but its players still have quite a bit of content to check out outside of the occasional patch notes. This week, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game from Sumo Nottingham and Gun Media got another DLC filled with executions for members of The Family as well as another DLC that changes up how different weapons look. The Victims unfortunately didn't get anything out of these DLCs unless you count them being able to see the new Shirtless Johnny skin that's been released as DLC, too, but all players at least got a bonus XP weekend regardless of if they're Victim or Family players as well as a Free Play Days weekend on Xbox to possibly bring in more players.

Again, that's a lot going on, so let's take a look at the new DLCs first. All those can be seen below along with details on how you can make them yours.

The trailer above shows off not only the new executions included in the Slaughter Family Execution Pack 2 that was released this week but also the new weapons that make up the Weapon Skin Variants DLC. While the trailer shows off both of those extras for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, they're unfortunately not included in the same DLC, so you'll have to buy them separately at $4.99 for the weapons and $6.99 for the executions. One of these executions and one of the weapons are both for Nancy, a DLC member of The Family, so those who already own her will get the most out of these DLCs.

Separate from these executions and the weapons are two additional skins that were added to the game this week, too. One is Shirtless Johnny while the other is Bride Nancy, but the good news for players who are big on those characters is that both of these skins are free, so you should see them available in-game the next time you play.

While not quite as exciting as new executions and skins, the game is also running a Double XP event. This event is live now and is scheduled to end on February 25th unlike some other Double XP events which start around Thursday and continue into Monday, so players only have the two days to take advantage of the event.

The big last update that the game got was released early in February, so another may be coming soon with a new set of patch notes. Either way, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre players will definitely be hearing more from Gun Media next week in the wake of this week's announcement. Sumo Nottingham announced that it's moving on from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and that a new developer would be taking over soon, but Gun hasn't yet named which studio will lead future development of the game.

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always love to see the new weapons and skins in these type of games :lipbite:


Free skins is dope. This actually is a really fun game specially with friends


Damn man, those are some brutal executions!