Gran Turismo 7 is the Series’ Second Best-Selling Game in the US

The Gran Turismo series has never failed to hit the mark for Sony from a commercial standpoint, and it looks like its newest instalment is also continuing to see strong sales. Circana’s recently-revealed sales charts for the month of January in the United States revealed that the racing sim had jumped back into the top 20, on the back of which analyst Mat Piscatella has provided some further details about the game’s performance in the region.

On Twitter, Piscatella revealed that in terms of dollar sales (i.e. revenue from copies sold), Gran Turismo 7 is currently the series’ second-best selling game in the United States, two years on from its February 2022 release. It trails behind Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, which released for PS2 in 2001, but Piscatella says GT7 is looking likely to catch up to the top spot “at some point this year.”

Gran Turismo 7 has kept up a healthy cadence of post-launch updates over the last couple of years, having added new content with regular free updates. In February last year, the game added full support for PlayStation VR2 in another free update, while November saw the release of the Spec 2 Update, the game’s largest yet. According to producer Kazunori Yamauchi, the game’s active user count was “doubled” following the release of the Spec 2 Update.

In spite of widespread acclaim from critics, Gran Turismo 7 drew backlash from the community immediately following launch in 2022, with criticism being directed at things such as server issues, aggressive monetization, and more. Developer Polyphony Digital has continued to address player feedback in subsequent updates.

Gran Turismo 7 is available on PS5 and PS4. Yamauchi has previously said that though a PC port has been considered for the game, one isn’t in development.

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