First GTA 6 Radio Song Possibly Leaked

A new, potential GTA 6 leak has surfaced online and it may point towards the existence of a second trailer coming soon, but it also may reveal the first known radio song in the game. After its reveal in December of last year, Grand Theft Auto fans are dying to know when the second trailer for the game will drop. The expectation is it will drop sometime this year, but when is the million dollar question. We still don't know when the trailer will drop, but we may know what song will follow up Love Is A Long Road by Richard Petty, which featured in the first trailer. Or again, this song may just be a radio song in the game. And of course, it is possible neither of these scenarios are accurate.

What is the latest scuttlebutt? Well, Anita Ward's Spotify song, Ring My Bell, now features the GTA 6 logo. This is obviously very random. For those that don't know: Anita Ward is an American musician known for R&B, Soul, and Disco music in the 1970s. To this end, and more specifically, she is best known for 1979's R&B-Disco hit "Ring My Bell." If you are familiar with the song, you'll know it doesn't scream trailer song, unless maybe it is put over some fast-paced cuts in a gameplay trailer. It is easy to imagine driving around Vice City with this playing on the radio though.

The screenshot below suggests the logo is the banner image for her whole page, but this is just how it appears on browser. Within the app, it is not the banner image for her whole page, only Ring My Bell. More than this, only the top result there. The second Ring My Bell result does not feature the logo.

Right now, it is hard to know what should and shouldn't be made of this. It is very random, though perhaps her account was hacked. This seems unlikely though. Unfortunately, all we have is speculation. So far, Rockstar Games nor Anita Ward nor any representatives of the musician have commented on any of this. We don't expect this to change, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.

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yeah, greatest hits of the 80s in the game would be absolutely amazing fr


Gws Pretty sure this was in San Andreas.

Yes, but it was a different version.


Pretty sure this was in San Andreas.


We're supposed to be getting lots of good music in this new one !


Awesome dude, 80's bangers is what we need!