Age of Empires Mobile is coming to iOS and Android later in 2024

Microsoft will try once again to make its Age of Empires RTS game series successful on smartphones and tablets. Today, it revealed a lot more info on Age of Empires Mobile during its livestream event and announced the game is due for release in 2024.

The game's official website also launched today, along with a new trailer that featured gameplay from the title. The game is being developed by Timi Studio, and you can now pre-register it on iOS and Android. Pre-registration will also get you some extra in-game items when Age of Empires Mobile launches.

The site says the game will launch with four civilizations (French, Romans, Chinese, and Byzantines). You will also be able to play for historical characters like Barbarossa, the Queen of Sheba, and more. Here's a quick summary:

Dive into an epic war strategy experience with rich real-time controls, stunning visuals and historical heroes on grand battlefields. Seize the reins of your empire, rally allies from every corner of the globe, and reclaim your once radiant glory! Join us on a conquest like no other!

Microsoft also released a second video today that goes a bit deeper into the game's development. Many of the game developers at Timi call themselves die-hard fans of the Age of Empires franchise. One element of the mobile version includes large-scale battles where hundreds of online gamers will play on one screen.

There will also be 1-on-1 PvP battle support, and an emphasis on pre-battle features that are normally not found on PC or Xbox AoE games. Single-player fans will be able to play the game by themselves, building up their empire and exploring dungeons on their own. Hopefully, this game will succeed, whereas other mobile Age of Empires games have failed.

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Idk how people can sit and play mobile games lol


This is the type of games I think I wouldn't mind playing on mobile.


I'm sure it will be a lot of fun on those devices