Project L: League of Legends Fighting Game Finally Gets Title

After years of development under the codename Project L, Riot Games has finally revealed the official title of its League of Legends fighting game. Now called 2XKO, the developer plans to release the 2v2 fighting game for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in 2025.

Riot Games will show more of 2XKO in 2024
Riot announced the League of Legends fighting game’s new title with a trailer and blog post. The studio also released a brief “Year in Preview” video describing what fans should expect in 2024. “You’re going to see a lot more of us this year,” said Executive Producer Tom Cannon, “and we think that this community-first approach is the most effective way to make 2XKO the best game it could be at launch and beyond.” He described the company as being “heads down” in 2023, but Riot Games plans to actively engage with fans in 2024.

Riot Games will let League of Legends fans try 2XKO with multiple playable demos over the course of this year. That includes one at Evo Japan in Tokyo this April. Fans who can’t make it will have other opportunities to try it out later in the year. These aren’t limited to major events either, though fans will need to wait for further announcements. Riot also hopes to hold a 2XKO beta near the end of 2024. However, Cannon made it clear that was a “maybe.”

Regarding development progress, 2XKO came a long way in 2023 but still has much to go before release. Cannon also noted that the team has grown significantly since the last developer update.

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Don't seem to good specially with the other 3 fighter games of recent


Not sure how well this will do. Feel like all the fighting games have hype at first but die rather quickly.


more fighting games getting released