New and Improved Xbox Series X Rumored to Release This Year

Xbox supposedly has a brand new Xbox Series X releasing at some point this year, one that'll be different from the existing Xbox lineup in more ways than one. For starters, it's supposedly going to be all white, a color that's currently only reserved for the Xbox Series S console. Other changes include the fact that it'll supposedly be all-digital similar to the Xbox Series S, and it's also rumored to sport some upgrades like an improved heat sink. Microsoft has not yet confirmed anything about a new console releasing this year.

Reports of this supposed Xbox Series X upgrade come from Xbox insider eXtas1s who has accurately reported on Xbox's ongoings from time to time. No images of the Xbox were shared due to "the secrecy of the matter," but it's not exactly hard to imagine a white Xbox Series X minus the optical disc drive.

While EXtas1s suggested that the new console will boast an "improved heatsink and an upgraded Nexus card" which would most definitely be considered upgrades, the fact that the console supposedly lacks the disc drive may not be an upgrade to those who prefer physical media and have libraries of Xbox games built around that. The Xbox Series S has long been referred to as an Xbox Game Pass machine given its all-digital nature, but it's got evident limitations when it comes to beefier games, so the rumored Xbox Series X may end up being a better option for those who want an Xbox for Xbox Game Pass and digital games but aren't concerned as much with physical media.

So, if those are the "upgrades" the rumored console comes with, how much will it cost, and when will it be out? Specifics aren't known regarding those kinds of details, but eXtas1s suggested that the console may be released around June or July. Nothing about the price is known beyond a guess that it could end up being cheaper than the existing Xbox Series X due to the fact that it'll lack a disc drive, though it's speculated that the price difference would be $100 at most.

Given that the Xbox Series X has been out for around three and a half years at this point, it's reasonable to expect that Xbox does indeed have some sort of upgrade in the works or at least a new version of the console coming at some point in the next year or so. Xbox has been having to talk quite a bit about its console plans lately, too, to assuage concerns about consoles amid all the news of Xbox's plan for exclusive games moving forward. Further rumors have suggested that there's an Xbox Series X Pro in the works, and while Xbox hasn't commented on any of these rumors, it's reassured people about its console plans by hyping up the next generation of consoles as a significant technical leap.

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They push out consoles way to much now for no reason and it's barely an upgrade lol


certainly need more info about it soon


Nice, can't wait to hear more details about it.