Sons of the Forest Exits Early Access, Out Now on PC

Endnight Games’ Sons of the Forest has exited Steam Early Access after roughly a year, with version 1.0 now available for PC players. It adds a new title scene, end credits, five new cutscenes and an alternate ending choice.

Other features include Creative Mode and an option to skip building animations (though you need to finish the story). Proximity voice chat with filters for caves and underwater; two new mutants, Legsy and Holey; and a variation of Puffy called “Spotty” have been added. Cannibals can also get a higher tier of gold armor.

Golf Carts now have radio decks and GPS, while the glider is now the Foldable glider and can be stashed in your inventory. The world has also received new paths, Jianyu camps, mini caves, cellars and details (like tunnels partially dug out by excavators). Players can also discover the final two Artifact pieces and craft the finished version.

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"has exited Steam Early Access after roughly a year"

geez, didn't expect it to be that long tbh


I didn't know it was still in early access for that long


Awesome new features that have been added!