Pokemon Legends: Z-A Announced, Launches in 2025

After celebrating Pokemon Day with numerous announcements for its mobile titles, The Pokemon Company finally unveiled the series’ next mainline title – Game Freak’s Pokemon Legends: Z-A. It will launch worldwide simultaneously in 2025 for Nintendo Switch “systems.” Check out the first trailer below.

The trailer showcases Lumiose City, which is undergoing an urban redevelopment plan. The goal is to create a city for people and Pokemon, with various iconic pocket monsters like Pikachu, Sylveon and many more teased throughout. It’s worth noting that the city is located in the Kalos region from Pokemon X and Y.

Perhaps Pokemon Legends: Z-A takes place in the near future, and the region will see major changes. Time will tell, so stay tuned. As for its release on Nintendo Switch “systems,” it could coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Switch 2, rumored to arrive in March 2025 after facing an internal delay.

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Source: https://gamingbolt.com/pokemon-legends-z-a-announced-launches-in-2025


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geez, more pokemon trash?

this franchise needs to die out fr ffs


How many different Pokmon can they keep coming up with !?